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Will Courtney - "Crazy Love"

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Both Vinyl & CD Available!

Release date: Friday, 21 September 2018

Singer/songwriter Will Courtney is set to release his third studio album, 'Crazy Love', on September 21 on Super Secret Records. Drawing from a wide range of styles ranging from Elliot Smith's threadbare confessionals to Roky Erickson's psychedelic Western twang and Harry Nilsson's sardonic charm, 'Crazy Love' showcases Courtney's knack for poignant Americana and folk song craft buoyed by unflinching honesty and realism. 'Crazy Love' will be available on vinyl, digital, and CD featuring an alternative color scheme (red is the vinyl version, blue is the CD version).

'Crazy Love' Track Listing:
Too High Now
Crazy Love
Look At All The Things
Drunk On Your Songs Again
Take You Away
When Will I Find My Love
Coming On Strong
Partner In Time (available on CD version only)

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